Friday, October 1, 2010





- 20 Famous Photographers’ Self-Portraits. Via thelmagazine.

- Spotify: now also for independent music bands and labels. Via tuexperto.

- The Cool Hunter: blog about trends, curiosities...

- On Collection of Beautiful Magazine Covers for Inspiration. Via portafolioblog.

- On 28 Beautiful uses of Water in Design. Via creativosonline.

- Soundnation studio – Create and share music on the web. Via wwwhatsnew.

- – Read Twitter as a daily newspaper. Via wwwhatsnew.

- GooReader: desktop application that allows you to search, download and read books and magazines available on Google Books. Via batiburrillo.

- Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 Threadless Collection. Via unplggd / xataka.

- 60+ Attractive PS3 Game Covers. Via hongkiat / creativosonline.

- Suitcase Stickers. Via jetsetta / portafolioblog.

- On Etsy: Paper Silhouettes. Via roc21.

- DeviantArt: Muro - new application for painting online. Via genbeta.

- List of Photoshop Tutorials to Design a Website. Via free-web-design.

- The best social networks for graphic designers. Via iberestudios.

- Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. Via isopixel. Videos on YouTube: 1 / 2 / 3 .

- iMovieTUBE: independent movies online. Via kabytes.

- Postertext: hang your favorite book on the wall. Via decoesfera

- observatorio: the other photography.

- Animation on YouTube: Animator vs. Animation.

- Mikel Jaso´s WebSite: imaginative graphic designs. Via cuartoderecha.

- ACTITUDES MAGAZINE: cultural vanguards and contemporary trends.

- Dark Roasted Blend: images, curiosities...


- Rapunzel, project go-ahead (Article in Spanish: Rapunzel, el proyecto sigue adelante). Via companiaperfecta. See: youtube / screenhead / wikipedia / wikipedia [2].

- Facebook’s 500 million members displayed in a handy infographic. Via wirefresh.

- Nanotubes help cells pass messages. Via nature / tendencias21.

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